A warm welcome to the newly developed website of our Association which we aim to be informative not only for our members but also for the wider community of Cyprus and Israel.


Trade relations between Cyprus and Israel go back to the years of the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 (some may argue even before) and have developed further with the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960.


Trading with Israel has been very beneficial to the economy of Cyprus especially in the areas of agriculture, irrigation, water technology and light industry. Tourism has been another area of close cooperation between our two countries.


Nowadays Israel and Cyprus look together forward towards an era of cooperation in the technological field and the energy sector.


Our aim is to assist to develop and enhance these relations further by helping to bring business people of the two countries together, organize trade delegations to Israel, seminars on trade and financial subjects and other similar functions.


We also aim in close collaboration with our counterpart Association in Israel, the Israel-Cyprus Bi-national Chamber, to create similar opportunities for Israeli businessmen.


It would be an omission if we do not mention that in this effort we work together and enjoy the valuable support and assistance of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry but also of the Embassy of Israel in Cyprus and the Embassy of Cyprus in Israel to whom we extend our grateful thanks.


Finally we would invite you to assist us to constantly improving our website with young constructive observations and comments.


On behalf of the Board of the Association and our Secretariat I wish you pleasant browsing.



Christakis P. Papavassiliou
President  Cyprus-Israel Business Association